New residential

This design is for a beach house in Carrickalinga on a challenging site that sits high on the hillside with spectacular views to all areas.

The challenges on the site were twofold, we had to arrange the living spaces and bedroom spaces all to both enjoy the views that were available to them while seeking protection from the harsh elements. All this was designed in a tight footprint so that the house could have minimal impact on the landscape and be affordable to build. Our solution was to position in the living areas to the northern side of the block so that they may enjoy the winter sun ball also frame the western views whist protecting it under a large wrap around verandah.

The roof form holds the structure together in a sweeping graceful movement, allowing for carport, bedrooms and living wall to sit on the edge for protection. The western sun is filtered to the bedrooms with a sunscreen that is articulated to provide protections, shadows and views throughout the year.

This project is currently in design development.


  Northern Edge Studio