Office Design

Office Design


Our entry for Bee Breeders Office Design Challenge 2021 competition grew from the desire to reduce the environmental impact of new workspaces by reusing already available buildings to create creative hubs. Our entry was shortlisted on the competition website.

Our design for the future of office spaces is based on the premise that in the people of the future would prefer to reduce their travel away from home, staying local and in their communities. This will build a stronger sense of belonging and will create support networks for communities of like-minded individuals to collaborate and better cope with unexpected events.

We feel that to create these community hubs, we don’t require massive new infrastructure or huge spending, but instead a vision to utilise existing space with collaboration from community and local stakeholders. This approach sparks a conversation between old and new, with regards to social patterns, work habits and the role of public infrastructure

Our scheme seeks to reinvigorate an existing building which is scheduled to demolition in a satellite suburb of Adelaide, creating a community hub where artisans and businesses alike can have a space to work together.

Our design is based on the following five principles:
• The desire to reduce the environmental impact of the new workspaces.
• Strengthen the economic ties and connections in local communities.
• Create meeting spaces and offices that meet community needs through a process of consultation and collaboration
• Workspaces that are adaptive and office variety in both typologies and spatial quality
• Adaptive reuse and environmental Sustainability