Panorama House

Panorama House

Renovation and Addition

A project of passion and perseverance, this renovation of a 1960s home in Panorama has been a labour of love for the clients.

These Mid Century enthusiasts Commissioned Oz in 2018 to help them renovate the 1960s home to accommodate the growing family. The design was intended to look like it was always there, with an extended living area and dining space overlooking the pool as well as a kitchen nestled against a new internal courtyard giving natural light and ventilation to both the bedrooms bathrooms and laundry.

The concept was a one of minimal intervention. The roofline was subtly altered to accommodate the additional space and width of the new house and the spaces were designed so that they were as sympathetic to the original structure as possible.

The project is under construction and will be finished in early 2021


  Northern Edge Studio

  Inspiration Homes