Deep Lead

Deep Lead


This is a concept design for a new residence in Stalwell Victoria. The clients wanted their own little slice of the rural getaway, a home to get away to and experience all the pleasures that are difficult to get in the city.

A house for keen gardeners, the home is designed to celebrate and compartmentalise the natural beauty of the site,
- Garden
- Orchard
- Mountain
- Farm

The simple form which gives a unique experience to the residents for each and each space. The entry space is herb garden, lined with a reflecting pond leading to a bright and open entry.
The kitchen opens up directly and has views across to the Grampians and the dining space looks toward the western sunset, filtered by a low pergola and the orchards beyond.

The bedrooms have their own wing separated by the strong spine of the building, overlooking neighbouring farms. Each bedroom has its own unique outlook and a strong connection with the landscape beyond.

All this in 110 m² of building. The project is currently in planning and is scheduled to begin in June 2021


  +Northern Edge Studio