Urrbrae House

Urrbrae House


Working on your own house is a particular challenge for any architect, especially when that house was originally designed by one of Adelaide’s most famous mid century architects, John Chapel

We purchased the house in 2016 and after a couple of years living with the slightly too small kitchen and slightly odd bathroom arrangement we decided to renovate the house in a manner that was in keeping with the original concept and feel of the mid-century appeal. The renovation maintains the original footprint of the home, but rearranges the spaces so that there is now a more even flow between the spaces, updating the layout to better suit the contemporary lifestyle. The kitchen can now function for several people at once and is open to all the living areas of the house, which strengthens the transparent appeal of the house.

The bedrooms have been rearranged so that there is a more equality to the spaces, bathroom spaces and a studio space has been adapted to a master suite with concealed ensuite which is home to a very special Japanese timber bath.

The joinery has all been designed using details from mid-century design. The courtyard and front garden have been re-landscaped using native plants. Seeded concrete and bluestone together with great lighting has given a real warmth to the outdoor spaces, which are very much part of the whole house experience.

Working together with some amazing tradesmen and designers we were able to keep the sprint of the 1960s alive within a more nevertheless efficient, family friendly home.


  Northern Edge Studio

  Jack Adcock Consulting

  Coachwood Constructions

  Catnick Design

  Interior Collaboration with Bek Burchnall