Small Homes Service

Small Homes Service Renovation This wonderful mid century home in Urrbrae is an original Small Homes Design. The home is almost entirely original with a few modifications since the 1960s. Northern Edge Studio was engaged to provide schematic design for future renovation of the home to update it for contemporary living standards, and design and outdoor veranda which was in … Read More

Beaumont House

Beaumont House Renovation Northern Edge Studio was engaged to oversee a range of renovations to this wonderful split-level home in Beaumont that overlooks Gleeson Creek. The home is a fantastic example of the 1960s experimental building style which changed the levelling approach, putting the living areas on the upper level to enjoy the views whilst putting the bedrooms on the … Read More

Panorama House

Panorama House Renovation and Addition A project of passion and perseverance, this renovation of a 1960s home in Panorama has been a labour of love for the clients. These Mid Century enthusiasts Commissioned Oz in 2018 to help them renovate the 1960s home to accommodate the growing family. The design was intended to look like it was always there, with … Read More

Urrbrae House

Urrbrae House Renovation Working on your own house is a particular challenge for any architect, especially when that house was originally designed by one of Adelaide’s most famous mid century architects, John Chapel We purchased the house in 2016 and after a couple of years living with the slightly too small kitchen and slightly odd bathroom arrangement we decided to … Read More

Poppy’s House

Poppy’s House Renovation This restoration of a 1960s home was an exercise in restraint and reimagining of a contemporary living in a modernist home. Sitting on a amazing hillside block, this house was effectively untouched since it was built in 1967. The only work of significance was a metal deck that had been installed over the bitumen and strawboard ceiling. … Read More

Stonewall House

Stonewall House Residential The principle focus of this project was to restore this classic mid century house built in the foothills around Adelaide in 1962. The original design intent of the house was relatively sound, it was oriented to maximise the spectacular views and the extensive use of locally quarried bluestone, combined with pink sandstone was truly unique. Our Clients … Read More