Poppy’s House

Poppy’s House


This restoration of a 1960s home was an exercise in restraint and reimagining of a contemporary living in a modernist home.

Sitting on a amazing hillside block, this house was effectively untouched since it was built in 1967. The only work of significance was a metal deck that had been installed over the bitumen and strawboard ceiling.

Sadly, the weather and time had taken their toll, and the home was now damp ridden, cold and leaking. Whilst structurally sound, this required some urgent attention to extend the life of the home for its new owners.

Working with builders and engineers, the architects, Northern Edge Studio, came up with a scope of works that addressed the main concerns, whilst keeping what was special about this unique home.


  Northern Edge Studio

  Coachwood Construction

  Jack Adcock Consulting

  Jonathan Vdk

  Maz Miz