It was a privilege to update and restore this mid century residence, collaborating with clients who appreciate their home’s legacy. Our shared vision focused on celebrating the original character of the home while thoughtfully improving functionality.

The new kitchen, concealed pantry and laundry improve liveability. We unified original finishes like slate floors with complementary new textures and subtle splendour, balancing preservation with modernisation. As a variation on the mid century colour block style, we opted for natural Australian Blackbutt timber cladding, contrasted with rich mid century style walnut finishes and subtle colour accents.

The slate floors anchor the ATKINSON GREEN renovation, unifying past and present. We meticulously matched the existing floor in the living and dining rooms and installed continuous slate into the kitchen and bedrooms. The result is seamless integration of new construction while maintaining the home’s original materials and character.

Floor to ceiling windows highlight the unique features of the home like the incredible slate floor and grooved ceiling. Period fixtures and furnishings harmonise the space with warmth and character.

Overall, this sensitive renewal respects the architecture’s spirit while advancing liveability and functionality. We thank our trusted clients for embracing their home’s evolution with patience and passion. The integrity of great mid century design endures through adaptation.


  Builder: Coachwood Construction

  Joinery: Woodform Australia

  Photographer: Kate Bowman

  Stylist: Rachel Leppinus

  Local Bespoke Furniture: Luke "Stoops" Makris

We are delighted with our new kitchen, pantry, laundry, lounge, dining room and gate!

The design is beautiful and a superb reflection of your creativity and vision.

We are very much at home and enjoying the practicality of the new arrangements. 

Thanks to whole team!